Defer Panic Recover

A simple app that shows how defer, panic, and recover work together in Go

Git Users and Their Last Commits

Getting a list of users who have committed to a repo, by their last commit date

AEM Responsive Grid with 0px height

When creating a new page component in AEM, the parsys has a height of 0 and cannot be used.

The Vulnerable External Component

Update (2014.11.24): The post below references an issue with a Component in CQ 5.5. I finally heard back from Adobe support and the issue has been resolved in CQ 5.6.1 by removing the Adaptive feature. They provided this forum post as a reference. Recently I was perusing crawl errors from Google’s Webmaster Tools to find any issues that had not yet been reported. I came across dozens of 500 errors coming from requests to one particular page.

Smart ALT field validation

We had a requirement to enforce alt attributes on images. Sounds simple, just set the alt field to required. The problem is when you do that for components that use images, like Text & Image. If a user decides to enter text, but not use the image portion the ALT text is still required, and the alert for a missing field still appears. To fix this we add a function to the ‘validator’ property of the ALT Text field using CQs ExtJS.